Tips for entrepreneurs to start a hotel business

Dubai is one of the most preferred emirates of UAE as a tourist and business destination due to its cosmopolitan culture and modern architecture. What can be more flourishing than starting a hotel business at a place where it is a tourism boom? As Dubai is a well known commercial sector, every foreign investor dreams of owning a business here.

Offshore company registration in Dubai allows you to enjoy the services and facilities, Dubai offers to every foreign investor. If you too are interested in investment to start a hotel business, these are a few things you must know.

  • Check the Difference: There are specific legal and judicial needs of different businesses. Although most of the procedures are same, one has to check the variances according to the business he is going to start. For a hotel business, you will need a tourism license.
  • Appoint a Manager: If you are going to opt for a hotel business, you have to appoint a well certified and qualified manager. Appointing a manager will help you make sure the requirements of the hotel business and helps in the procedure of getting initial approval and license for your business.
  • Get the initial approval: Obtain an application form from DED with the necessary documents of hotel location and blueprint along with you and your manager’s documents to acquire the initial approval. You will also need the certificate of good conduct approved by the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing along with an approval from general police headquarters.
  • Get the license: For offshore company registration in Dubai for the hotel, business will require a list of paperwork such as initial approvals and distinct certifications to get the license from the tourism department. You can take the help of a business advisor to ease your process.
  • Print the license: Finally, you have to get a print of your license through an e-service offered by DTMC. Then apply for the verification of all the documents and information mentioned above with the receipts of permissions and the license fee. Once verified you will get the license.

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