Things to know about joinery services

There are a galore of joinery companies in Dubai, that offers different kinds of joinery works for your commercial or residential properties. But before you hire one, it is always good to do some research and know exactly what joinery is and what to expect from the company.

Wood to use for joinery

All types of hardwoods like cherry, Mahogany, maple, oak etc are great for most joinery works. These wood types have distinct characteristics. A good joining contractor after determining the kind of joinery you want will determine the kind of wood that will fit best for your project.

Styles of doors and windows

Traditional windows and door style is best suited for refurbishment of old properties. However if your area is prone to natural hazards like storms, then you can go with doors and windows styled and designed in a storm-proof way. These have sashes wrapped around the frame providing protection and style. For a contemporary look, you can opt for sliding sash windows that are functional and can be fitted with ornamental details on the frame.

Before hiring a joinery company you should inquire how attentive they are in updating their clients. You must also check for the reviews of their previous clients.  A little know how about joinery works and the service provider will help you in making a smart investment.