Guide to select best PPR pipes

Abbreviation for polypropylene, the PPR pipes finds its applications in the industrial and commercial sectors. The various advantages offered by these pipe fittings make them the number 1 choice in many fields like home plumbing, irrigation, electrical systems etc. Because of this popularity, there are several PPR pipes suppliers in Dubai. However, there are also many that manufacture duplicate and fake products and sell them in the market place. Now, out of the range of PPR piping and fitting products, it is difficult to identify a genuine product. Here we have discussed a few parameters that can help you to pick a genuine PPR product.

  •         Name on the product

“Polypropylene pipe for hot/cold water service’ is the name written on genuine PPR pipes and fittings. Products that have other names like PPR hot water pipe, or PPR cold water pipes, or simply polypropylene or PPR pipe then the product is fake.

  •         Certifications

Genuine certifications to a particular PPR pipe type can be provided only by renowned and relevant organizations. They make use of professional testing methods to test for the genuineness of PPR pipes. Some other companies make use of other testing ways which are not professional in nature. Therefore you must always look for certified PPR products.

PPR Pipes in dubai
  •         Color of the PPR product

You can also judge the originality of the PPR product by the color. You may find bright, shiny or colored PPR fittings in the market. But the original PPR fitting having the accurate composition of materials are matte white in color.

  •         Tenacity of PPR pipes

A genuine PPR product will provide for a good grip. You can hold the genuine PPR pipes and fittings very firmly as compared to fake PPR products.

  •         Life of PPR pipes

When it comes to the life expectancy of high quality PPR pipes and fittings, they are supposed to serve for a time period of more than 50 years. Whereas the fake PPR installation will get damaged within a short time of say 5 years only.

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