Duties and Responsibilities Of A Corporate Lawyer


A corporate lawyer has a lot of duties and responsibilities to fulfill. However, most people don’t usually understand what they do. According to firms where you can find the best corporate lawyers in Dubai, one needs to understand the role and importance of a corporate lawyer.

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A good corporate lawyer in Dubai is responsible for a company’s legal and corporate stature. The lawyer will take up the responsibility of the company and will work towards making it safe and smooth for the company.

Some of the duties of a corporate lawyer include –

  1. The lawyer should have good knowledge about government policies and regulations regarding the corporation laws of the region.
  2. Their primary responsibility is to help their clients achieve business goals while meeting all the established legalities.
  3. To be a corporate attorney, one needs to have the insightfulness to understand clients’ needs, excellent communication skills, flexibility and service mentality.
  4. Though the lawyer’s core is to facilitate business processes, he also has the responsibility associated with the business.
  5. If the corporate lawyer is acting as a private practitioner, then he can resolve legal disputes as well as guide clients with their business affairs. This type of lawyers usually charges on an hourly basis.
  6. A corporate lawyer, regardless he is into private practice or working in-house attorney, they will be handling the same or equal responsibilities. However, the amount of responsibilities depends on the type of the company and the transactions involved.
  7. A corporate lawyer will help in reading corporate filings, evaluating regular business transactions and other processes to see that authenticity is maintained.
  8. A corporate lawyer verifies corporate documents and consults other attorneys if needed.  

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Know the laws to protect your privacy

One needs to be very careful when living in Dubai or any of the Emirates in UAE. According to the lawyers in Dubai, abiding by the laws is very important to live here but at the same time, it is also important to know the laws to protect your own privacy!

When it comes to safeguarding the privacy of its residents, the government and legal authorities have established a proper system. Lawyers in Dubai reveal that it became the first nation to establish a Data Protection Law (DIFC Law No. 1 of 2007). This law protects the personal information of the citizens.  

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While most of the jurisdictions in the UAE are coming up with stringent laws and data protection regimes, the privacy protection laws of the countries in the region remain to be limited. These laws are more confined to protecting family and personal information or secrets.

In addition to this, there are some comprehensive data protection activities that apply in the regional free zones including the Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC), Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), and the Qatar Financial Centre.

The Dubai laws also offer protection against international transfer provisions. The laws govern the transfer of personal data out of DIFC to countries like the Europe, or other countries that provide “adequate level of protection.”

The law also makes it mandatory that a data controller applies to the Commissioner of Data Protection to provide them with the necessary permission to transfer data to countries with less than adequate protection.

However, the regulations don’t specify names of the countries that qualify for data transfer. However, the good news is that the application process is simple.

Privacy protection is mandatory for each and every citizen. To know more about these laws in Dubai, you can approach a legal professional. SM Law Firm is the best destination for all your legal needs.