Tips for improving the interiors of your home

The interiors of your personal space have a significant impact on your sense of well being and emotions. here are some tips given by interior designing companies in Dubai,to improve the interior of your home to build a strong correlation with your emotions, mood, stability, and productivity.

Add a fresh coat of paint

One of the most effective ways to change the existing interiors is to use a coat of paint. Go for a coloured that makes you feel happy, calm and relaxed.  neutral colors like cappuccino, warm butter Yellow or Taupe are preferred for a classy look. Even a coating of bright white paint can add a sense of freshness to your space. Moreover, it is comparatively inexpensive and easily done at any time.

Switch to smart lightening

If you are using fluorescent lighting, track lighting or bedroom lamps, it is the time to switch to other options. change to pot lightning, floor lamps, table lamps as they provide more natural light. Hang a beautiful Chandelier in the dining area or living space to add some allegiance to your space.

Add decorative wall hangings

Get creative and add display things you have collected to bring about the positive memories in your life. apart from family photos which trigger positive memories, you can also display some rare crystals.

Clear the clutter

Clearing the clutter can be done by yourself or hiring a professional. He can do the work in minimum time and give you some important tips on how to make your space look more attractive and lively.

Removing clutter from your home not only adds physical space to walk or move around in your home but also makes your space appear larger.

Things to know about joinery services

There are a galore of joinery companies in Dubai, that offers different kinds of joinery works for your commercial or residential properties. But before you hire one, it is always good to do some research and know exactly what joinery is and what to expect from the company.

Wood to use for joinery

All types of hardwoods like cherry, Mahogany, maple, oak etc are great for most joinery works. These wood types have distinct characteristics. A good joining contractor after determining the kind of joinery you want will determine the kind of wood that will fit best for your project.

Styles of doors and windows

Traditional windows and door style is best suited for refurbishment of old properties. However if your area is prone to natural hazards like storms, then you can go with doors and windows styled and designed in a storm-proof way. These have sashes wrapped around the frame providing protection and style. For a contemporary look, you can opt for sliding sash windows that are functional and can be fitted with ornamental details on the frame.

Before hiring a joinery company you should inquire how attentive they are in updating their clients. You must also check for the reviews of their previous clients.  A little know how about joinery works and the service provider will help you in making a smart investment.


Here are some stunning design ideas to decorate your ceiling

The season has become all about ceilings in Dubai, from home owners to interior designers to aluminium and glass companies in dubai , everybody is behind them. Having an idea about the type of ceiling you want to adore your place, before you call in the decorator will help you get a better idea.

Are you planning to get a new ceiling? This article is here to help –

Simple chic trim ceiling: This is a classy option for those who don’t like making a lot of effort. For instance, you could get the ceiling painted with a shade darker (or lighter) than the rest of the room and create a contrast. This way the ceiling will stand out regardless of what color you opt for. You can make it more attractive by decorating with a pendant light or a chandelier.

Wooden ceiling: Wood is becoming the go-to style for interiors and most homes in Dubai have wooden floors or extensions, wooden ceiling is also a great idea.

All glass: Are you a nature lover or the admirer of the view? A cool option would be to go with an all glass ceiling or a glass ceiling with little ornaments. You could opt for a stained glass or a clear one – well, the choices are plenty.

Wallpaper: You can add a little colour and statement to your plain old ceiling by using a wallpaper or texture. This is a simple way to beautify it.


Create the best first impression with good Interiors

The first impression is the best impression and good Interior decoration companies in UAE will help you enhance your business by creating the best first impression. They  can change the interiors and exteriors of your office or commercial space. Different services offered by Interior décor companies  depending upon your office needs, the common services include: –

Refurbishment- this means cleaning up the old arrangements in order to restart your office space to give it a new look. It can be achieved by adding a new coat of paint to changing the existing furniture.

Technology update it includes making the necessary changes and using the latest technology.

Space planning– this means improving the furniture designs, Clearing the clutter or modifying the unused spaces by making simple changes. By using partitions or changing the arrangement of furniture you can free up a lot of space and which can be useful for other purposes.

Theme modification– this includes changing the interiors of the office starting from paint to furniture to decorations in order to keep your office space and a new look and feel. a wide variety of themes are available from simple to modern and you can select depending on your requirement.

Ceiling and security updates– changing the lightening system to modifying a/c conditioning vent placements come under ceiling services. Installing security and safety tools like smoke detectors and fire extinguishers to improve the safety of the employees.

Floor planning– changing the interiors of your office by changing the flooring changing the tiles or carpet and other covers to increase the aesthetic value of your space.

If your office interiors are perfect and of high quality the client gets impressed and there is a good chance of them to convert from a possible client to a regular client.

Tips for entrepreneurs to start a hotel business

Dubai is one of the most preferred emirates of UAE as a tourist and business destination due to its cosmopolitan culture and modern architecture. What can be more flourishing than starting a hotel business at a place where it is a tourism boom? As Dubai is a well known commercial sector, every foreign investor dreams of owning a business here.

Offshore company registration in Dubai allows you to enjoy the services and facilities, Dubai offers to every foreign investor. If you too are interested in investment to start a hotel business, these are a few things you must know.

  • Check the Difference: There are specific legal and judicial needs of different businesses. Although most of the procedures are same, one has to check the variances according to the business he is going to start. For a hotel business, you will need a tourism license.
  • Appoint a Manager: If you are going to opt for a hotel business, you have to appoint a well certified and qualified manager. Appointing a manager will help you make sure the requirements of the hotel business and helps in the procedure of getting initial approval and license for your business.
  • Get the initial approval: Obtain an application form from DED with the necessary documents of hotel location and blueprint along with you and your manager’s documents to acquire the initial approval. You will also need the certificate of good conduct approved by the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing along with an approval from general police headquarters.
  • Get the license: For offshore company registration in Dubai for the hotel, business will require a list of paperwork such as initial approvals and distinct certifications to get the license from the tourism department. You can take the help of a business advisor to ease your process.
  • Print the license: Finally, you have to get a print of your license through an e-service offered by DTMC. Then apply for the verification of all the documents and information mentioned above with the receipts of permissions and the license fee. Once verified you will get the license.

Adam Global is the best business advising firm having years of experience in dealing with clients who wish for offshore company registration in Dubai.


Gastric Balloon Surgery-Risks and Complications  associated with it

Different invasive and non-invasive methods are being used to help the individuals suffering from the obesity-related life-threatening conditions to return to a healthy life. Among these weight loss procedures, Gastric Balloon Dubai is gaining popularity as it is an efficient and safe method, gastric balloon is inserted endoscopically into the stomach and then inflated with air, saline or methylene blue. And after a few hours of this procedure, the patient is followed up as an outpatient for six months. Then the gastric balloon is to be removed following the same method.

Like any other weight loss procedure, Gastric Balloon Surgery includes some risks and complications associated with it. In such cases, it is best option to get familiarised with what could occur, this will enable you to check beforehand if anything goes wrong.A gastric balloon is usually installed through the mouth so there are fewer complications when compared to other procedures as weight-loss procedures. Usually, this procedure is performed with no complications or minimum complications.

However, few patients may experience some complications like stomach cramps, fever, diarrhea, and sense of nausea and vomiting.

As the balloon is fitted through the mouth, Patients may suffer from damage to the oesophagus and mouth, minor bleeding and discomfort, pain information of ulcers.

Infections caused by bacteria growth within the balloon, this may occur during the removal or deflate or leaking in the balloon.

Intestine obstruction or small bowel obstruction due to leakage or deflation of the gastric balloon before the due date. To know more about gastric balloon surgery click here.

Very few people report serious complications with the new generation of gastric balloons. Patients are requested to consult surgical team to deal with these complications that occurred during the fitting or removal of the balloon.

Why should you go for joinery work?

Wood has been the greatest of all construction materials. According to the best joinery companies in Dubai, there is still no great material that can match the classy appeal of wood. Joiners and carpenters have been investing their art and imagination to produce countless products from wood including tools, furniture, heat, shelter, transportation, kitchen utensils, decoration, etc. The material is used to make things that may be unimaginable to others.

Here are the top reasons to opt wood –

  • Tough and durable: Wood is naturally tough and it develops a certain patina as it ages. However, it needs very strong knocks to stride. During all the years, wood stands strong, absorbs humidity and it also releases moisture when the climate is dry. This makes it durable in all weather conditions.
  • Reusable and environment friendly: The most appealing thing about wood is that it is sustainable in nature. It is a naturally beautiful material that adds class to structures. It is a renewable material that can be recycled. This is one major reason why interior designers opt for it. They say that wood gives them the opportunity to show their creative best without harming the environment.
  • Simple: Another appealing thing about wood is that the material is very simple. Right from installing it to cleaning, maintaining and repairing it, everything is simple. Though there is the problem of bugs eating wood, it can be avoided through proper maintenance.

Because of the many perks offered by wood, the material is highly recommended by joiners and carpenters. They find the material to be very pleasing to the eye and very efficient to use.

Joinery work is quite important and there are a number of good joinery companies in Dubai that provide excellent quality products. Among the different companies is Pleasant Joinery, which offers custom-made joinery solutions for different industries.



The pros and cons of mini gastric bypass surgery in Dubai

Mini gastric bypass in Dubai is a simple and inexpensive weight loss surgery. It is can be defined as simplified Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery. In this mini process, the surgeon bypasses more of the intestine when compared to the traditional procedure. Patient’s preoperative weight, height, expected weight loss can help the surgeon decide the actual length of the bypass, but the normal range would be around 3 to 6 feet. In this procedure, the bile and other digestive enzymes are not diverted from the stomach.

The pros and cons of mini gastric bypass surgery in Dubai are:


Mini gastric bypass surgery is less costly, easy and involves fewer risks (complication rate compared to the traditional surgery is 2.9% The mini bypass is the safest procedure and decreases the risk of morbid obesity-related conditions such as sleep apnea, diabetes, edema and joint pains. The procedure involves less rerouting of the intestine, making it easy even for surgeons to perform the surgery with high success rate. Even the procedure has minimum complications as it has few are intestine connections. Patience can get back to normal within a week as the healing process is quick because the procedure is less invasive.

Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery


Most of the insurance agencies do not cover it as it is considered an experimental surgery. Complications are similar to gastric bypass which include a hernia at the surgical site, infections, bleeding, and ulcers.  Major complications include leaks at the staple line, pulmonary embolism, and strictures. Patients may experience malabsorption and vitamin and mineral deficiency. This is because a large amount of small intestine is bypassed in the procedure. Patience pay experience bile refluxes gastritis because bile juice and digestive enzymes are not diverted from the stomach. Dumping syndrome is seen in most of the patients as the food doesn’t remain in the digestive tract for more time leading to dizziness, diarrhea, and nausea.


It is hard to say that mini gastric bypass is the preferred one as most surgeons have different opinions on this. If patients choose to have a mini gastric bypass, discuss all the options with the qualified bariatric surgeon, for more details on weight loss surgery, visit

Guide to select best PPR pipes

Abbreviation for polypropylene, the PPR pipes finds its applications in the industrial and commercial sectors. The various advantages offered by these pipe fittings make them the number 1 choice in many fields like home plumbing, irrigation, electrical systems etc. Because of this popularity, there are several PPR pipes suppliers in Dubai. However, there are also many that manufacture duplicate and fake products and sell them in the market place. Now, out of the range of PPR piping and fitting products, it is difficult to identify a genuine product. Here we have discussed a few parameters that can help you to pick a genuine PPR product.

  •         Name on the product

“Polypropylene pipe for hot/cold water service’ is the name written on genuine PPR pipes and fittings. Products that have other names like PPR hot water pipe, or PPR cold water pipes, or simply polypropylene or PPR pipe then the product is fake.

  •         Certifications

Genuine certifications to a particular PPR pipe type can be provided only by renowned and relevant organizations. They make use of professional testing methods to test for the genuineness of PPR pipes. Some other companies make use of other testing ways which are not professional in nature. Therefore you must always look for certified PPR products.

PPR Pipes in dubai
  •         Color of the PPR product

You can also judge the originality of the PPR product by the color. You may find bright, shiny or colored PPR fittings in the market. But the original PPR fitting having the accurate composition of materials are matte white in color.

  •         Tenacity of PPR pipes

A genuine PPR product will provide for a good grip. You can hold the genuine PPR pipes and fittings very firmly as compared to fake PPR products.

  •         Life of PPR pipes

When it comes to the life expectancy of high quality PPR pipes and fittings, they are supposed to serve for a time period of more than 50 years. Whereas the fake PPR installation will get damaged within a short time of say 5 years only.

If you are looking for genuine PPR pipes suppliers in Dubai, Bonn Group is a company you can trust. This is one of the leading manufacturers of PPR pipes and fittings in the entire UAE and you can get a range of products here to choose from.


Will mini gastric bypass take over the Roux-En-Y Gastric Bypass?

Mini Gastric Bypass surgery in Dubai is generally done on morbidly obese patients in order to remove a hefty amount of weight. This invasive procedure is done by shrinking the size of the stomach to that of an egg. Also, it bypasses the intestine so that minimal fats and calories are absorbed. These modifications cause the patient to eat less and for less food to be absorbed. There are two types of Gastric Bypass surgeries that we will discuss:

Roux-En-Y Gastric Bypass: This surgery is performed on the lines of the laparoscopic method where a laparoscope, and a high resolution camera, are inserted via incisions into the stomach. The camera helps capture a clear image for the doctor to operate and the lower portion of the stomach is removed. Thus reducing the size of the stomach and forming a gastric pouch. Also, the stomach that is remaining is attached to the jejunum directly, bypassing the duodenum.

  1. Mini Gastric bypass dubai

Mini Gastric Bypass: The procedure is quite similar to the Roux-En-Y Gastric Bypass but with slight variations in the technical department. Only one anastomosis is created, that is during the attachment of jejunum to the gastric pouch. Also, the stomach is created along the lesser curvature preventing future sagging. Surgeons need to be highly trained in order to succeed in such operations. Mini Gastric Surgery is done well in Dubai.

Both are popular methods for weight loss. However, the mini gastric bypass has replaced the traditional Roux-En-Y Gastric Bypass method. This is because, the Mini Gastric Bypass method is a simpler and safer procedure, it tends to have a lower risk of any sort of complications, it has requires a lesser time for operation, easily reversible if needed and a shorter recovery time

If you are planning to go through a weight loss surgery, then the Mini Gastric Surgery in Dubai in the LapSurgery is perfect.