To go for a regular heart check up

Nowadays everyone is getting more educated and informed about different things. They know heart attack, strokes and cancer are the major killers. They also know that it is possible to detect certain issues early; for making it treatable. By going for regular heart checkups for the best Botox in Dubai there is a possibility of an early detection of the certain conditions like diabetes, and start treatment to prevent further complications of the disease.

Who Should I go for a heart check up?

health check-up in Dubai

People with the family history of certain medical conditions such as heart attacks, rheumatoid fever, high blood pressure levels should go for a heart check-ups regularly before they develop symptoms. Especially people who crossed are there each of 40 should consider getting themselves checked at least once in a year.

Most of the companies in Dubai use health screening to determine if the employees are suitable for the job. Others use this to determine if their employees are still suitable and fit for the job.

Common heart check-ups in Dubai

Treadmill stress test (TST) is performed to evaluate the effectiveness of the heart medications to control different problems, detect any abnormal heartbeat, decreased supply of oxygen/blood to the heart, detect the presence of coronary diseases, and detect irregular heart rhythms and overall cardiovascular conditioning.

An “Echocardiogram” is simply an ultrasound image taken of your chest, which is as painless as a photograph.

ECG helps in the early detection of the occurrence of heart attack and analyzing the smooth flow of blood in the heart, the presence of any blood clots and BP levels.
Some hospitals are converting heart check up in Dubai packages as a business, where tests are done on different parts of the body like blood samples stool samples, urine samples, biopsy etc. Unfortunately, not all conditions can be treated detected early and not all the tests are equally good at detecting illnesses. Some tests which are sold as part of a complete body checkup may not be necessary, In fact, they can lead to unnecessary anxiety and tensions. One should be very careful while selecting health check-up packages.