Steps on how to clean your contact lenses

Contact lenses provide many benefits like clear vision, enhances looks and convenience. popping a contact lens in and removing may seem easy. But, requires a proper cleaning to make them last for more time. Moreover, you should change or replace your contact lens as often as a doctor or operational advises. To buy contact lenses in Dubai, visit URL:

contact lense cleansing

Here are steps on how to clean your contact lenses:-

Step#1 Check for lifespan details of your contacts

It is very important to check the packet and to find out the maximum time you can wear a single pair. If you found that the data expired, THROW THEM AWAY. To buy new set of contact lenses in Dubai, visit URL:

Step #2  Clean the lens

Before touching the contact lenses, wash your hands with soap by for hand wash (Preferably fragrance-free one), then rinse them and dry them using the lint-free towel.

When cleaning the lens, Try placing your contact lens on the palm of one hand and use the fingers of the other hand to rinse the lens with cleaning solution before soaking them in the liquid. This “rub and rinse” cleaning technique is considered as the best by many experts.

You can get a multipurpose solution which allows you to clean, rinse, disinfect and store your lenses with all in one purple solution available in the market. You can also use hydrogen peroxide solution,

Step#3  Clean the lens case

Make sure you clean the lens case and replace it regularly as it is one of the main sources of contamination or infection. You can use sterile solution or hot tap water for cleaning the lens case and allow it to a dry in between use.

Never use damaged lens, check the lens for any damage by examining it closely,

If you are planning to use contact lens or having any problem with your current lenses, you should visit your eye clinic or contact and optician for his advice. Never go for contact lenses if you have not checked with your eye specialist first or used contact lenses earlier, misuses of the lens can lead to serious I problems. For more details on contact lenses to visit URL: