Importance of Health Check-up : Women’s Health

Nowadays we see a lot of change in the lifestyle habits and even stress has also increased. These two factors have put the woman at higher risk of developing fatal illnesses. Heart attack and cancer are rising at an alarming rate these days so it is very important that every woman about the age of 40 years or postmenopausal stage should undergo Regular heart check up without fail.

There are many packages for a  cardiologist in Dubai, specially designed for a woman of today. Some of them are as follows-

Health check up in Dubai

Breasts Health Checkup Packages: This package is best for women who experience pain or discomfort in the breast as these tests mainly focused on complete breasts examination, to check for the presence of any lumps or masses, loss of weight/appetite and more. The packages include Mammography, USG- Bilateral test.

The prime reason being – the early diagnosis of breast cancer or other issues can help get an early treatment and keep the illness from spreading further.

  • Complete Blood Count Packages: A test for Anemia, total blood cell profile. The test is extremely useful as it gives inputs on various counts relating to blood, including red blood cells count, white blood cells count and platelets count, hemoglobin level, etc.

Most women complain that they feel tired and weak even after performing simple activities/daily chores, the reason behind this could be anemia (low hemoglobin count). If one is suffering from constant attack by viruses’ thereby falling sick, chances are the WBCs which fight germs have gone down in numbers.

  • Ultrasound packages: During pregnancy period, an ultrasonography is done to map the shape of the uterus, and checks for anomalies and also fibroid development. It additionally helps in assessing abdominal pain and diagnosing growth of tumors in the entire pelvic region.

Furthermore, an ultrasound test helps get a clear picture of other body parts such as the breast, joints, etc.

  • Heart check-up packages: This includes pulmonary function tests, ECG, 2D,3D Echo, Lipoprotein, cardiac consultation, heart scan, stress tests, diet counseling etc.

These tests are extremely helpful that mirror the heart conditions by placing electrical sensing devices on the body in certain specific locations that measure the activities of the heart.