Dating etiquettes to be followed in Dubai

Dubai is although a modern and the most liberal amongst the 7 Emirates, there is a particular code of conduct that needs to be followed here, when in public. When it comes to dating in Dubai, then you must keep in mind the conservative Arab traditions. An inappropriate behavior in public can land you in jail. Therefore you must consider the following dating etiquettes here to avoid such blunder.

  • You can approach a woman in a bar or club and ask her for a number or engage her in a conversation. But if you are caught harassing her, then you’ll be thrown out of the bar, and might even get arrested for serious offenses.
  • You can appreciate an Emirati woman from afar, but pestering her for her phone number or hitting on her can put you behind bars. Taking her picture without permission or following her can land you in jail.
  • Whether you are married or not, you are not allowed to hug grab or kiss your partner in public. Holding hands and even dancing is considered inappropriate by the local population and you can be imprisoned for such behavior.


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