When To Have Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery?


Nowadays it is seen that an unfit lifestyle put people in the risk of many sort of diseases. Obesity is one of the most common of all. Of course adopting good lifestyle habits like eating a healthy diet and a daily physical workout is necessary for losing weight. But besides all this, several bariatric surgeries are also gaining popularity amongst masses. There are many clinics offering sleeve gastrectomy surgery in Dubai.


When to look for sleeve gastrectomy?

If you are between 18 to 65 years of age and suffer morbid obesity, then you qualify for the gastric sleeve surgery. You can find exert surgeons for sleeve gastrectomy surgery in Dubai in most of the renowned clinics here. Your body mass index or BMI is calculated and if it is 49 or more, then your doctor will suggest you to go with the surgery. Even if you are suffering with weight related health issues like diabetes, sleep apnea, hypertension, asthma, joint pain etc. then also your physician can suggest you to undergo gastric sleeve surgery. This is because several of such health risks have shown to be improved after the surgery.

What is the sleeve gastrectomy?

The sleeve gastrectomy surgery is a bariatric or weight loss procedure, in which the pasrt of the stomach is removed so that the amount of food consumed is restricted and hence the body weight of the person is reduced. Plus, as done by other metabolic surgeries, the  hormonal signals between the stomach, brain, and liver are also altered for establishing a lower set point.

Working of sleeve gastrectomy

  •         In this surgery the majority portion of the stomach is removed and only a small sleeve-shaped pouch is left behind. This pouch is of the size of a banana and can hold from 1 and ½ to 4 ounces of food.
  •         The food intake is reduced, and the body absorbs less calories. The hormonal signals between the brain and stomach are also changed. Overall the person can expect a significant amount of weight loss.

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To go for a regular heart check up

Nowadays everyone is getting more educated and informed about different things. They know heart attack, strokes and cancer are the major killers. They also know that it is possible to detect certain issues early; for making it treatable. By going for regular heart checkups for the best Botox in Dubai there is a possibility of an early detection of the certain conditions like diabetes, and start treatment to prevent further complications of the disease.

Who Should I go for a heart check up?

health check-up in Dubai

People with the family history of certain medical conditions such as heart attacks, rheumatoid fever, high blood pressure levels should go for a heart check-ups regularly before they develop symptoms. Especially people who crossed are there each of 40 should consider getting themselves checked at least once in a year.

Most of the companies in Dubai use health screening to determine if the employees are suitable for the job. Others use this to determine if their employees are still suitable and fit for the job.

Common heart check-ups in Dubai

Treadmill stress test (TST) is performed to evaluate the effectiveness of the heart medications to control different problems, detect any abnormal heartbeat, decreased supply of oxygen/blood to the heart, detect the presence of coronary diseases, and detect irregular heart rhythms and overall cardiovascular conditioning.

An “Echocardiogram” is simply an ultrasound image taken of your chest, which is as painless as a photograph.

ECG helps in the early detection of the occurrence of heart attack and analyzing the smooth flow of blood in the heart, the presence of any blood clots and BP levels.
Some hospitals are converting heart check up in Dubai packages as a business, where tests are done on different parts of the body like blood samples stool samples, urine samples, biopsy etc. Unfortunately, not all conditions can be treated detected early and not all the tests are equally good at detecting illnesses. Some tests which are sold as part of a complete body checkup may not be necessary, In fact, they can lead to unnecessary anxiety and tensions. One should be very careful while selecting health check-up packages.

Best time to buy electronics in Dubai  

Dubai is known for being a Shoppers Paradise! Especially when it comes to electronics. With the emergence of online shopping stores in Dubai has become stress-free and convenient. People prefer Dubai online shopping for electronics because of the convenience and also the trustworthiness of the products.

But what is the best time for online shopping in Dubai for electronics? Well, there is no certain fixed answer for this question has one can shop in Dubai almost any time of the day. However, shoppers get the best experience of shopping early in the morning and evening. This is because of the convenience during these times.

Dubai Online shopping

However, if convenience to shop is what the customer is looking for, then they should simply log on to a good E-Commerce site. This way they will not only have the money but can also shop from a wide selection of brands and products.

Now, for someone who is in still of the doubt on when to buy electronics and what is the best time to get good discounts is electronics is to buy them during shopping festivals. A lot of shopping festivals and events happen in Dubai. This show how Dubai natives and travelers love to shop! The emirate hosts these events to attract tourists and stay on top position as a shopping destination in the world.

If you are looking for the best time to buy electronics in Dubai, then it is advised that you wait until the end of the year for the Dubai Shopping Festival. It is a month-long festival during which shoppers get a lot of discounts. The festival is a shopping extravaganza with great offers.

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A Brief Introduction to International Business Setup

From a desert region to be the biggest economic hub of the middle east, Dubai has been through many of the transformative phases. Earlier it was limited to the oil based economy but now it has diversified itself in so many ways. Being the hottest economy in the world even at the time of recession it has gained a lot of foreign investors who are willing to start their companies in Dubai. Are you too prepared for immersing yourself into the amole of completion and be an entrepreneur? Ther very first thing you should do is to hire a business advisory firm that offers you with some great international business solutions for starting a company and running it smoothly and successfully.

An advisory firm is the best option which not only provides you the international business solutions but will also help you abide the obstacles coming your way. Before you reach for an advisory firm read on a brief description of setting up a business in Dubai.

                international business Allianz
  • Type of Business

You will have to be sure what type of business are you going to start. As the type of your business will decide the kind of license you will acquire that whether it is an industrial, commercial or professional one.

  • Ownership

If you prefer to own a 100% sole proprietorship you will have to setup your business in a free zone. And if you want to operate locally, you have to approach the Department of Economic Development (DED) which have certain restrictions over the ownership. Choose the location and get the license accordingly.

  • Legal formalities

Depending on the type of your business structure and your location you have to proceed with the legal formalities. Legal formalities caries with the type and location of a business.

  • Firm name

The name of your trade defines your business type, so it is very important to decide on your company name before you apply for the legal process.

  • Capital

You need a minimum amount of capital while setting up your company and completing the legal forms. You have shown a minimum balance required to set up a business.

  • Premises

Once you are done with all the legal formalities it time to decide with the office spaces you will be going to rent for operating your business.

  • Staff

Free zones have their distinct rules and regulations according to the structure of the business. Whereas, in did you have to hire a person to manage the international business activities and have to be ready on board while the registration process takes place.

  •    Local partner

According to the DED rules, it is essential for every foreign investor to find a local sponsor to proceed forward with the business. While in a free zone it is not compulsory so, as Dubai offers easy business setup options to the people of foreign nationalities.

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