Gastric Balloon Surgery-Risks and Complications  associated with it

Different invasive and non-invasive methods are being used to help the individuals suffering from the obesity-related life-threatening conditions to return to a healthy life. Among these weight loss procedures, Gastric Balloon Dubai is gaining popularity as it is an efficient and safe method, gastric balloon is inserted endoscopically into the stomach and then inflated with air, saline or methylene blue. And after a few hours of this procedure, the patient is followed up as an outpatient for six months. Then the gastric balloon is to be removed following the same method.

Like any other weight loss procedure, Gastric Balloon Surgery includes some risks and complications associated with it. In such cases, it is best option to get familiarised with what could occur, this will enable you to check beforehand if anything goes wrong.A gastric balloon is usually installed through the mouth so there are fewer complications when compared to other procedures as weight-loss procedures. Usually, this procedure is performed with no complications or minimum complications.

However, few patients may experience some complications like stomach cramps, fever, diarrhea, and sense of nausea and vomiting.

As the balloon is fitted through the mouth, Patients may suffer from damage to the oesophagus and mouth, minor bleeding and discomfort, pain information of ulcers.

Infections caused by bacteria growth within the balloon, this may occur during the removal or deflate or leaking in the balloon.

Intestine obstruction or small bowel obstruction due to leakage or deflation of the gastric balloon before the due date. To know more about gastric balloon surgery click here.

Very few people report serious complications with the new generation of gastric balloons. Patients are requested to consult surgical team to deal with these complications that occurred during the fitting or removal of the balloon.

Why should you go for joinery work?

Wood has been the greatest of all construction materials. According to the best joinery companies in Dubai, there is still no great material that can match the classy appeal of wood. Joiners and carpenters have been investing their art and imagination to produce countless products from wood including tools, furniture, heat, shelter, transportation, kitchen utensils, decoration, etc. The material is used to make things that may be unimaginable to others.

Here are the top reasons to opt wood –

  • Tough and durable: Wood is naturally tough and it develops a certain patina as it ages. However, it needs very strong knocks to stride. During all the years, wood stands strong, absorbs humidity and it also releases moisture when the climate is dry. This makes it durable in all weather conditions.
  • Reusable and environment friendly: The most appealing thing about wood is that it is sustainable in nature. It is a naturally beautiful material that adds class to structures. It is a renewable material that can be recycled. This is one major reason why interior designers opt for it. They say that wood gives them the opportunity to show their creative best without harming the environment.
  • Simple: Another appealing thing about wood is that the material is very simple. Right from installing it to cleaning, maintaining and repairing it, everything is simple. Though there is the problem of bugs eating wood, it can be avoided through proper maintenance.

Because of the many perks offered by wood, the material is highly recommended by joiners and carpenters. They find the material to be very pleasing to the eye and very efficient to use.

Joinery work is quite important and there are a number of good joinery companies in Dubai that provide excellent quality products. Among the different companies is Pleasant Joinery, which offers custom-made joinery solutions for different industries.



The pros and cons of mini gastric bypass surgery in Dubai

Mini gastric bypass in Dubai is a simple and inexpensive weight loss surgery. It is can be defined as simplified Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery. In this mini process, the surgeon bypasses more of the intestine when compared to the traditional procedure. Patient’s preoperative weight, height, expected weight loss can help the surgeon decide the actual length of the bypass, but the normal range would be around 3 to 6 feet. In this procedure, the bile and other digestive enzymes are not diverted from the stomach.

The pros and cons of mini gastric bypass surgery in Dubai are:


Mini gastric bypass surgery is less costly, easy and involves fewer risks (complication rate compared to the traditional surgery is 2.9% The mini bypass is the safest procedure and decreases the risk of morbid obesity-related conditions such as sleep apnea, diabetes, edema and joint pains. The procedure involves less rerouting of the intestine, making it easy even for surgeons to perform the surgery with high success rate. Even the procedure has minimum complications as it has few are intestine connections. Patience can get back to normal within a week as the healing process is quick because the procedure is less invasive.

Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery


Most of the insurance agencies do not cover it as it is considered an experimental surgery. Complications are similar to gastric bypass which include a hernia at the surgical site, infections, bleeding, and ulcers.  Major complications include leaks at the staple line, pulmonary embolism, and strictures. Patients may experience malabsorption and vitamin and mineral deficiency. This is because a large amount of small intestine is bypassed in the procedure. Patience pay experience bile refluxes gastritis because bile juice and digestive enzymes are not diverted from the stomach. Dumping syndrome is seen in most of the patients as the food doesn’t remain in the digestive tract for more time leading to dizziness, diarrhea, and nausea.


It is hard to say that mini gastric bypass is the preferred one as most surgeons have different opinions on this. If patients choose to have a mini gastric bypass, discuss all the options with the qualified bariatric surgeon, for more details on weight loss surgery, visit

Guide to select best PPR pipes

Abbreviation for polypropylene, the PPR pipes finds its applications in the industrial and commercial sectors. The various advantages offered by these pipe fittings make them the number 1 choice in many fields like home plumbing, irrigation, electrical systems etc. Because of this popularity, there are several PPR pipes suppliers in Dubai. However, there are also many that manufacture duplicate and fake products and sell them in the market place. Now, out of the range of PPR piping and fitting products, it is difficult to identify a genuine product. Here we have discussed a few parameters that can help you to pick a genuine PPR product.

  •         Name on the product

“Polypropylene pipe for hot/cold water service’ is the name written on genuine PPR pipes and fittings. Products that have other names like PPR hot water pipe, or PPR cold water pipes, or simply polypropylene or PPR pipe then the product is fake.

  •         Certifications

Genuine certifications to a particular PPR pipe type can be provided only by renowned and relevant organizations. They make use of professional testing methods to test for the genuineness of PPR pipes. Some other companies make use of other testing ways which are not professional in nature. Therefore you must always look for certified PPR products.

PPR Pipes in dubai
  •         Color of the PPR product

You can also judge the originality of the PPR product by the color. You may find bright, shiny or colored PPR fittings in the market. But the original PPR fitting having the accurate composition of materials are matte white in color.

  •         Tenacity of PPR pipes

A genuine PPR product will provide for a good grip. You can hold the genuine PPR pipes and fittings very firmly as compared to fake PPR products.

  •         Life of PPR pipes

When it comes to the life expectancy of high quality PPR pipes and fittings, they are supposed to serve for a time period of more than 50 years. Whereas the fake PPR installation will get damaged within a short time of say 5 years only.

If you are looking for genuine PPR pipes suppliers in Dubai, Bonn Group is a company you can trust. This is one of the leading manufacturers of PPR pipes and fittings in the entire UAE and you can get a range of products here to choose from.


Will mini gastric bypass take over the Roux-En-Y Gastric Bypass?

Mini Gastric Bypass surgery in Dubai is generally done on morbidly obese patients in order to remove a hefty amount of weight. This invasive procedure is done by shrinking the size of the stomach to that of an egg. Also, it bypasses the intestine so that minimal fats and calories are absorbed. These modifications cause the patient to eat less and for less food to be absorbed. There are two types of Gastric Bypass surgeries that we will discuss:

Roux-En-Y Gastric Bypass: This surgery is performed on the lines of the laparoscopic method where a laparoscope, and a high resolution camera, are inserted via incisions into the stomach. The camera helps capture a clear image for the doctor to operate and the lower portion of the stomach is removed. Thus reducing the size of the stomach and forming a gastric pouch. Also, the stomach that is remaining is attached to the jejunum directly, bypassing the duodenum.

  1. Mini Gastric bypass dubai

Mini Gastric Bypass: The procedure is quite similar to the Roux-En-Y Gastric Bypass but with slight variations in the technical department. Only one anastomosis is created, that is during the attachment of jejunum to the gastric pouch. Also, the stomach is created along the lesser curvature preventing future sagging. Surgeons need to be highly trained in order to succeed in such operations. Mini Gastric Surgery is done well in Dubai.

Both are popular methods for weight loss. However, the mini gastric bypass has replaced the traditional Roux-En-Y Gastric Bypass method. This is because, the Mini Gastric Bypass method is a simpler and safer procedure, it tends to have a lower risk of any sort of complications, it has requires a lesser time for operation, easily reversible if needed and a shorter recovery time

If you are planning to go through a weight loss surgery, then the Mini Gastric Surgery in Dubai in the LapSurgery is perfect.



Steps on how to clean your contact lenses

contact lenses in dubai

Contact lenses provide many benefits like clear vision, enhances looks and convenience. popping a contact lens in and removing may seem easy. But, requires a proper cleaning to make them last for more time. Moreover, you should change or replace your contact lens as often as a doctor or operational advises. To buy contact lenses in Dubai, visit URL:

contact lense cleansing

Here are steps on how to clean your contact lenses:-

Step#1 Check for lifespan details of your contacts

It is very important to check the packet and to find out the maximum time you can wear a single pair. If you found that the data expired, THROW THEM AWAY. To buy new set of contact lenses in Dubai, visit URL:

Step #2  Clean the lens

Before touching the contact lenses, wash your hands with soap by for hand wash (Preferably fragrance-free one), then rinse them and dry them using the lint-free towel.

When cleaning the lens, Try placing your contact lens on the palm of one hand and use the fingers of the other hand to rinse the lens with cleaning solution before soaking them in the liquid. This “rub and rinse” cleaning technique is considered as the best by many experts.

You can get a multipurpose solution which allows you to clean, rinse, disinfect and store your lenses with all in one purple solution available in the market. You can also use hydrogen peroxide solution,

Step#3  Clean the lens case

Make sure you clean the lens case and replace it regularly as it is one of the main sources of contamination or infection. You can use sterile solution or hot tap water for cleaning the lens case and allow it to a dry in between use.

Never use damaged lens, check the lens for any damage by examining it closely,

If you are planning to use contact lens or having any problem with your current lenses, you should visit your eye clinic or contact and optician for his advice. Never go for contact lenses if you have not checked with your eye specialist first or used contact lenses earlier, misuses of the lens can lead to serious I problems. For more details on contact lenses to visit URL:

When To Have Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery?


Nowadays it is seen that an unfit lifestyle put people in the risk of many sort of diseases. Obesity is one of the most common of all. Of course adopting good lifestyle habits like eating a healthy diet and a daily physical workout is necessary for losing weight. But besides all this, several bariatric surgeries are also gaining popularity amongst masses. There are many clinics offering sleeve gastrectomy surgery in Dubai.


When to look for sleeve gastrectomy?

If you are between 18 to 65 years of age and suffer morbid obesity, then you qualify for the gastric sleeve surgery. You can find exert surgeons for sleeve gastrectomy surgery in Dubai in most of the renowned clinics here. Your body mass index or BMI is calculated and if it is 49 or more, then your doctor will suggest you to go with the surgery. Even if you are suffering with weight related health issues like diabetes, sleep apnea, hypertension, asthma, joint pain etc. then also your physician can suggest you to undergo gastric sleeve surgery. This is because several of such health risks have shown to be improved after the surgery.

What is the sleeve gastrectomy?

The sleeve gastrectomy surgery is a bariatric or weight loss procedure, in which the pasrt of the stomach is removed so that the amount of food consumed is restricted and hence the body weight of the person is reduced. Plus, as done by other metabolic surgeries, the  hormonal signals between the stomach, brain, and liver are also altered for establishing a lower set point.

Working of sleeve gastrectomy

  •         In this surgery the majority portion of the stomach is removed and only a small sleeve-shaped pouch is left behind. This pouch is of the size of a banana and can hold from 1 and ½ to 4 ounces of food.
  •         The food intake is reduced, and the body absorbs less calories. The hormonal signals between the brain and stomach are also changed. Overall the person can expect a significant amount of weight loss.

If you are looking for a good clinic to undertake gastric sleeve surgery in Dubai, then Lapsurgery is amongst the best hospital recommended.

6 DSLR Camera That Professional Photographer Using

canon camera

We experience special moments and adventures in our everyday lives that need to be captured for memories, A DSLR or digital single lens reflex camera is a great way to keep those memories forever. Although they are a wide range of DSLR’s are available both for beginners as well as professionals, choosing the right camera is a big decision. Different online stores offer different models of cameras and price range vary from one to another, compare canon camera price  in Dubai before purchasing it.

Professional DSLR

Most of the professional DSLR photographers prefer high-end DSLR with good images sensor which allows the photographer to click larger pixels on the sensor, delivering better light gathering capabilities, which means better image quality as especially at high sensitivity. They are advised to check canon camera prices in Dubai before purchasing a DSLR. Here are top 6 DSLR camera used by professionals in Dubai:

canon dslr

Canon EOS 700 D

The best part of this camera is

18 megapixel CMOS APS-C sensor

Dual camera 55-250 mm ll lens

Autofocus of 9 point -including high precision dual cross Centre point

ISO 100-12800 that can be expanded up to 25600

HD movie mode and movies servo

Canon EOS 1300 D

One of the top pic of professional photographer, with impressive features like 18 megapixels APS-CMO-S sensor

55 mm ISI lI lens

Autofocus of 9 with 1 center cross point AF point

ISO 100 to 6400, expandable to 12800

Nikon D3300

Features of this device include

24.2-megapixel effective sensor with an optical low-pass filter

18-55 mm VR ll lens

Full-colour RGB metering sensor

ISO 100 extended up to 12800 to capture images with noise suppression

Canon EOS 700 D

Features are 24.3 megapixel, 18 to 55 mm IS ll lens

CMOS image sensor

19 cross type auto focus points for focusing

ISO sensitivity 100-6400

TFT color liquid-crystal monitor

D I D I C6 image processor


Features are 24.2 megapixels, 18 to 50 5MM zoom lens with APS-C sensor

24.3 megapixel Exmor APS HD CMOS sensor

24 megapixel APS-C Exmor CMOS sensor

BIONZX processor

Nikon D3400

Features are 24.2 megapixel

Sensor type is CMOS

Lens type is 18-55 mm + 70-300

For more details on different canon camera models and price ranges in Dubai contact

Importance of Security Solutions

Security Solutions Oman

Be it your home or be it your business keeping them secure is the important thing. The world has become more dangerous than ever before and the crimes have increased tremendously. You must never overlook the security and take the precautions before time. To keep your near ones and the valuables safe home security systems are the excellent way to make sure that everything is safe and well protected. Security solutions at Oman have many types of systems available that offer you the high tech solutions that guarantee your utmost safety.

Security Solutions Oman

Security solutions at Oman provide you the latest and the best products to solve your security concerns. Out of the many security solutions, CCTV plays a crucial role. The sheer presence of a camera can act as a deterrent and is important to you in many other ways as well.

  • Increase work efficiency: Having cameras installed in offices and business premises can help in creating a disciplined environment. You can watch over the employees if they do their work efficiently which encourages a good behavior among the staff. It also protects the staff being a victim of any customer’s or a colleague’s violence claiming false accusations. The footage recorded will help in proceeding a court case against any crime.
  • Prevent crimes and burglaries: Presence of cameras in any area can decrease the crimes as the criminals would have the fear of being caught if they commit any crime. Addition to this, if you have a doubt on any of your staff of their bad behavior or wrong doings, these cameras act as a piece of evidence as any activities performed will be recorded.
  • Keep an eye on things: You can’t be at the office all the time or you can’t be around your staff and housemaid every time. A security camera can help you in that so that you make sure nothing unusual is going on. It also helps to monitor your children or elderly people while you are not at home.
  • The sense of protection: Installation of these security systems makes the customers, staff and the family members feel safe and gives them a peace of mind. They feel relieved and satisfied that their properties and all other assets are under protection.

Want to get your home or business secured? Looking for a good security system supplier? Approach Majees Tech for the best security solutions.

Duties and Responsibilities Of A Corporate Lawyer


A corporate lawyer has a lot of duties and responsibilities to fulfill. However, most people don’t usually understand what they do. According to firms where you can find the best corporate lawyers in Dubai, one needs to understand the role and importance of a corporate lawyer.

business lawyers

A good corporate lawyer in Dubai is responsible for a company’s legal and corporate stature. The lawyer will take up the responsibility of the company and will work towards making it safe and smooth for the company.

Some of the duties of a corporate lawyer include –

  1. The lawyer should have good knowledge about government policies and regulations regarding the corporation laws of the region.
  2. Their primary responsibility is to help their clients achieve business goals while meeting all the established legalities.
  3. To be a corporate attorney, one needs to have the insightfulness to understand clients’ needs, excellent communication skills, flexibility and service mentality.
  4. Though the lawyer’s core is to facilitate business processes, he also has the responsibility associated with the business.
  5. If the corporate lawyer is acting as a private practitioner, then he can resolve legal disputes as well as guide clients with their business affairs. This type of lawyers usually charges on an hourly basis.
  6. A corporate lawyer, regardless he is into private practice or working in-house attorney, they will be handling the same or equal responsibilities. However, the amount of responsibilities depends on the type of the company and the transactions involved.
  7. A corporate lawyer will help in reading corporate filings, evaluating regular business transactions and other processes to see that authenticity is maintained.
  8. A corporate lawyer verifies corporate documents and consults other attorneys if needed.  

Dubai law firms like SM Law Firm offer very straight forward services and their work speaks much more that their advertisement. The have the best corporate lawyers who have worked along with some renowned companies.